Festival promises fun events across the city

Hu Min
Displays of traditional folk culture take center stage during Mid-Autumn Festival. Local museums and parks also host special events for tourists and visitors.
Hu Min

Traditional folk culture activities will be held at tourist attractions in Shanghai through the upcoming three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday starting Friday, the city's cultural and tourism authorities announced on Tuesday.

At Fengjing Ancient Town in Jinshan District, visitors will be invited to make mooncakes, while Guangfulin Relics Park in Songjiang District will host riddle guessing games and festive lanterns will be released into its rivers, the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism said. 

Traditional crafts like paper-cutting, weaving, tuanshan (circular fan) making and embroidery will also be displayed.

Zuibaichi Park in Songjiang will host an exhibition of student paintings, a calligraphy exchange event and a display of Han culture on September 13.

On the program list are Han dances, folk music performances, a traditional Chinese dress show, tea ceremony and flower art showcases, a moon ceremony and flash mob; all presenting a traditional Han culture and art feast for tourists, the administration said.

Riddle guessing will also be held, and participants will be able to make hanfu (traditional clothing of the Han people) with paper cuts and turn leaves into bookmarks.

At Guilin Park in Xuhui District, visitors can savor the charm of intangible cultural heritage from the Yangtze River Delta region on Thursday and Friday.

Inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, such as Qinhuai colored lanterns, Xuzhou sachets and Lanxi sugar paintings, will display their skills with nimble fingers.

Chinese operas and tea ceremonies will be staged as well.

Traditional rituals to worship the moon will be replicated on these nights too. People wearing hanfu will perform the rituals accompanied by ancient music.

The Hanxiang Water Garden in Minhang District will host a colored lantern DIY event, sugar painting, dough figure creation and hanfu experiences on Friday.

Zhouqiao Old Street in Jiading District will host a Mid-Autumn Festival market and tea sipping events on Friday and Saturday, according to the administration.

In addition to traditional custom and cultural activities, there are plenty of other fun events planned too.

A sparkling wine festival will be held at Jing'an Park in Jing’an District through the holiday, featuring a flamenco dance flash mob and performances by foreign bands.

An exhibition displaying daily items such as TV sets, cameras, radios and phonographs used by households in Shanghai during the 1930s is underway at Jin Mao Tower in the Pudong New Area, offering a glimpse into the life of local people from a bygone era, the administration said.

The Shanghai Auto Museum in Jiading will host magic night events on Friday and Saturday with interactive games and science shows.

The Shanghai International Resort in Pudong will host a jazz music festival through the holiday, while light shows will be staged at the Jinjiang Amusement Park in Minhang from Friday.

Over the weekend, a museum magic night will be hosted at the Shanghai Film Museum in Xuhui with film poster creation, music shows, film classes and shadow play performances on the list.

An autumn flower exhibition displaying nearly 600,000 flowers will kick off at the Pujiang Countryside Park in Minhang on Friday.

A music camping festival will be held at Jiabei Countryside Park in Jiading on Friday and Saturday, while a seafood music festival will take place at Jinshanzui Fishing Village, the city's only remaining fishing village, in Jinshan, during the holiday.

Langxia Countryside Park in Jinshan will host a Mid-Autumn Festival garden party with light show, projection show, delicacies and performances, according to the administration.

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