Don't panic, it's only a drill

Xu Lingchao
Sirens will go off across Shanghai on September 20 and 21 to mark National Defense Education Day. Over 1.7 million residents will also take part in air-raid drills.
Xu Lingchao

Sirens will sound across the city on September 21 to mark National Defense Education Day, said the Shanghai Civil Defense Office on Wednesday.

Sirens will be triggered in local schools on September 20 as trial, as about 1.76 million residents and students will attend air-raid evacuation drills on the day while the sirens go off.

On September 21, the sirens will sound from 11:35 am to 11:58 am in three-minute intervals.

The civil defense office asked residents not to panic on the days when the sirens are sounded.

Meanwhile, a variety of activities will be carried out on September 21 to promote public awareness of air defense.

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