Talking Shanghai in video contest

Short videos in the city's distinctive dialect are being sought by Changning District in a competition that will help promote Shanghai culture among the younger generation.
SSI ļʱ

A Shanghai dialect short video competition was launched at Zhongshan Park on Friday.

The event is a bid by Changning District to promote Shanghai culture among the younger generation. Over the past nine years, a few light-hearted Shanghai dialect programs have been hosted for local citizens and expats.

The video contest will select and exhibit around 300 entries, each from 30 to 90 seconds long. The videos should tell stories from the perspective of ordinary people about the city's economic and social development.

The deadline for video selection is October 20. People can enter through the Changning Folk Culture Center's public WeChat account. An awards ceremony will be held in mid-November.

SSI ļʱ
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