3D artificial intelligence applications deal is inked

Yang Jian
Putuo District is to work with a leading Chinese technology firm to jointly develop new three-dimensional artificial intelligence applications.
Yang Jian

Putuo District is to work with a leading Chinese technology firm to jointly develop new three-dimensional artificial intelligence applications.

Putuo signed a cooperative contract with Shenzhen-based Orbbec, a unicorn enterprise in the AI industry, at the closing ceremony of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference on August 31.

Zhou Minhao, director of Putuo District inked the deal with Huang Yuanhao, president of Orbbec, marking a new milestone for Putuo which is striving to become an AI application highland.

The leading technology firm, established in 2013, focuses on the development of 3D visual applications and AI solutions for medical and health, smart education, urban management and security.

Orbbec developed China’s first three dimensional sensing chip and become the first Asian manufacturer mass producing 3D cameras with complete intellectual property right. The company has applied for 500 patents and ranks the world’s top three in the number of 3D sensing patents. The firm’s valuation has exceeded 10 billion yuan (US$1.47 billion).

Orbbec has become the world’s leading provider of AI and 3D sensing technology solutions, with more than 2,000 customers worldwide, including Hewlett-Packard, Ant Financial, OPPO, Ping An Group, Baidu.com and other well-known domestic and foreign companies.

In June, the Shenzhen-based Orbbec set up its East China headquarters in Changzheng Town of Putuo.

Under the agreement, Putuo will jointly promote the development of a new generation of AI technology with Orbbec, using the 3D sensing technology of Orbbec’s independent intellectual property rights, combined with talent and platform resources of Putuo-based universities.

Based on the recognition algorithm of 3D vision technology, the district will realize the evolution of AI, face recognition and behavior recognition from 2D to 3D space.

The two parties will jointly create a benchmark application scenario, focusing on deep AI solutions in medical health, smart education, urban governance and safe city. The application of AI technology will be widely applied in smart city construction.

Meanwhile, Putuo and Orbbec will jointly create a new generation of AI industry ecology. Industrial foundations will be introduced to further promote the incubation of upstream and downstream enterprises in the relevant industrial chain.

Orbbec’s products have wide applications, ranging from 3D mobile phone sensor cameras, facial recognition payment, 3D scanning to smart home and security. Its products have also been widely used in new retail, robots and logistics.

In June 2018, OPPO released the Find X mobile phone equipped with Orbbec’s 3D sensor camera, which is the first Android smartphone with 3D camera.

Based on this 3D camera, the phone can realize 3D facial recognition and payment along with many other functions.

In September 2017, Orbbec cooperated with Ant Financial to realize the first successful commercial use of the new retail 3D facial recognition payment.

In the future, Putuo will focus more on key industries such as intelligent software, R&D services and fintech, accelerate the development of the first batch of AI key projects, promote breakthroughs in AI industry and product innovation, as well as guide the deep integration of AI technology and fintech industries.

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