Expo preparations in good health

The countdown to the second China International Import Expo has hit 30 days.

The countdown to the second China International Import Expo is down to less than 30 days.

Sanitation and hygiene will be crucial with such a large amount of people expected. Air quality will directly effect the visitor experience but the heavy footfall will make it difficult for inspectors to monitor the situation.

Air quality monitors in the center will automatically compile indexes of carbon monoxide, pm 2.5 and noise which will be transmitted to inspectors’ phones. Based on the data, an inspector can adjust the number of the visitors admitted to the venue.

An inspection around 100 days in advance of the expo at major accommodation and catering venues used an adenosine triphosphate detector to measure the volume of germs in things like sheets, quilts and carpets.

As all living things contain a relatively stable amounts of adenosine triphosphate, the detector gives inspectors a quick way to measure if the bacterial population with results available instantly rather than several days later with traditional sampling methods.

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