City boosts services ahead of CIIE

Xu Lingchao
Stricter taxi management, upgraded metro facilities and translation machines are just part of Shanghai's efforts to serve expo visitors.
Xu Lingchao

Shanghai authorities are strengthening the local service industry ahead of the upcoming China International Import Expo (CIIE).

To better facilitate travelers and local residents during the event, the city will add 1,877 new-energy taxis to its cab fleet. These vehicles will be equipped with facial recognition and video recorders designed to prevent drivers' misconduct.

City authorities say they will have zero tolerance for cab and online ride-hailing drivers who cherry-pick fares, take unnecessary detours or abandon passengers.

Many of the city's other industries are following suit with similar efforts to raise their service quality.

The city’s Spiritual Civilization Office said on Wednesday that its Industrial Civilization Index now stands at 90.40. This compares with last year's reading of 88.04.

The local public transportation and telecom industries are also making improvements for their users.

Shanghai Metro has recently renovated facilities at 63 stations across the city, including 34 bathrooms and more than 4,700 garbage bins. Public broadcasts at stations close to the expo venue have been updated in both Chinese and English to provide clear information for passengers.

The telecom industry has installed 10,500 5G base stations, which now cover the whole downtown Shanghai. More than 80 base stations have been installed around the National Exhibition and Convention Center to facilitate visitors to the expo.

AI firm iFlytek have donated 2,000 translation machines to service staff at train stations, airports and the customs offices who may experience difficulties communicating with foreigners.

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