New medical network targets pediatric respiratory disease

Cai Wenjun
Hospitals and community health centers are teaming up to improve respiratory treatment services in southern Shanghai.
Cai Wenjun

A network targeting childhood respiratory disease was established in the city on Friday. Led by Children’s Hospital of Fudan University, 12 comprehensive hospitals and 29 neighborhood health centers in the southern part of the city are included in the network, offering regulated and high-quality medical services.

Pneumonia is among the leading causes of death for children below 5 years old, as well as a serious threat to pediatric health. About 70 percent of outpatient and emergency services at pediatric departments or pediatric hospitals involve children with respiratory disease.

According to Dr Wang Libo, director of respiratory disease at Children’s Hospital of Fudan University, the new network is designed to standardize treatment and improve access to care at the community level.

Unified clinical guidance will be established to allow patients to receive same-quality service inside the network, while also classifying patients in terms of the severity of their symptoms.

Patients can also enjoy quicker transfers between different levels of hospitals inside the network.

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