Overloaded truck inspection begins

Xu Lingchao
Traffic officers have set up checkpoints at three spots around the city.
Xu Lingchao

Shanghai Transport Commission on Saturday began checking for overload trucks.

The officers set up checkpoints at three spots around the city. Since August, the officers have been regularly setting checkpoints at provincial borders, cross-river tunnels and toll gates.

A total of 614 trucks were busted in the first nine months of this year for oversize or overload.

The traffic authority has installed 13 oversize and overload detectors around the city. These detectors work around the clock to monitor the trucks passing by.

Oversize trucks refer to the those higher than 4 meters, wider than 2.55 meters or longer than 18.1 meters while carrying loads. As for the definition of overload, it depends on the numbers of the axles that a truck has. For large wagons or trucks with more than six axles, the maximum load is 49 tons.

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