Jiao Tong University poetry winners announced

Yang Meiping
Eighty-eight poems were declared winners of a global Shanghai Jiao Tong University poetry competition.
Yang Meiping

Eighty-eight poems were declared winners of a global poetry competition hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

The 2019 Global Chinese Poetry Competition for College Students, the fourth of its kind, was launched on April 9 and accepted 26,500 poems in modern and ancient styles.

They were submitted by students from 1,800 universities around the world, including University of Chicago, University of London and MIT.

Together they were read about 130 million times on Weibo.

There were seven themes – travel, home, country, love, scenery, affection and thinking. More than 50 percent of the poems submitted were about affection and thinking.

Li Cheng’en, a judge of the contest for four years, said, “I am delighted to read these students’ poems and I can almost feel the beating of the young hearts. This year’s works showed a more fertile imagination and individualism.”

One of the top winners was Gao Heming from China’s National University of Defense Technology. His poem “Tangerine” reads: “I am a green monster born in the spring, swallow ten cloves of moon in an autumn night.”

Judges said this poem surprised readers by breaking the bounds between plants and animals, and had dramatic effect.

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