Farewell to four-carriage trains

Xu Lingchao
Starting Wednesday, Metro Line 2 will operate only eight-carriage trains between Guanglan Road and Pudong International Airport stations.
Xu Lingchao

Metro Line 2, the busiest Metro line in Shanghai, will bid farewell on Wednesday to the four-carriage trains which served the east extension of the line from Guanglan Road Station to Pudong International Airport Station, according to Shanghai Shentong Metro Group.

Since April, Shanghai Metro has been slowly replacing four-carriage trains with eight-carriage ones to reduce passenger pressure.

The east extension of the line has been criticized for overcrowding as passengers previously had to get off an eight-carriage train at Guanglan Road Station and then squeeze onto a four-carriage train to continue their journey.

Also starting from Wednesday, the departure interval of trains operating between East Xujing and Songhong Road stations will be reduced to four minutes, down from four-and-a-half minutes previously, from 7am to 9am on workdays.

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