Principals share kindergarten thoughts

Yang Meiping
Pre-education forum marking the end of a training program at a Shanghai college hears from teachers from home and abroad.  
Yang Meiping

A forum on pre-education at Tianhua College of Shanghai Normal University had experts from home and abroad sharing ideas on the issue.

The forum marked the end of a five-month training program authorized by the Shanghai Education Commission for the college to train 100 local kindergarten principals.

Eleanor Duckworth, a professor from Harvard University and student of renowned child psychologist Jean Piaget, told the forum that classroom teaching should be based on the unique characteristics of each student, with each child guided and inspired to think, rather than being told how.

Li Jimei, a professor from East China Normal University, said the nature of education was to study children and understand them to help them grow.

Ten principals of local kindergartens shared their research and teaching techniques at the forum.

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