Feast of culture for theater's season 5

Yu Hong
More than 40 performances, including comedies, musicals, concerts and dance, will be put on at the Shanghai Poly Grand Theater during its fifth anniversary performance season.
Yu Hong

More than 40 performances, including comedies, musicals, concerts and dance, will be put on at the Shanghai Poly Grand Theater in Jiading District during its fifth anniversary performance season.

The theater has staged more than 1,500 performances since it opened on September 30, 2014. 

Artists from around 540 companies in 27 countries and regions have performed at the venue. Millions of people have enjoyed its feast of the arts over the past five years, and it is estimated the average attendances have reached 74 percent.

In order to promote high-quality shows and attract more residents to come and enjoy performances in the theater, 300 cheap tickets will be provided on the “Culture Jiading Cloud,” an Internet-based platform for public cultural services. More than 70,000 people have benefited from the cheap tickets policy.

Public Culture Week is another highlight at the theater with tickets costing 10 percent less than the normal price. Twenty-seven benefit performances have attracted 40,000 people over the past few years.

Shanghai Poly Grand Theater
Tel: 5951-3300
Address: 159 Baiyin Rd

Concert: Violin Soloist 

Celebrated Chinese violinist Lu Siqing was born in Qingdao in Shandong Province. He began to study violin at the age of 4. Four years later, he became the youngest student to be admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music as a special talent, and furthered his study at the Juilliard School in the United States. He has released more than 20 CDs and video recordings. His recordings of the “Butterfly Lovers” violin concerto, the most famous work in the Chinese violin repertoire, has sold millions of copies worldwide.
Date: November 15, 7:30pm
Tickets: 80-480 yuan

Drama: ‘The Balcony’

“The Balcony” tells the story of a desperate contractor named Lao Mu who demands payments from migrant workers. He accidentally falls on the balcony of manager Hou’s house and gets embroiled in a “cat and mice” chase with Hou, his wife and his mistress. Lao Mu finally manages to get out of the mess, but accidentally takes with him a large sum of money stashed under Hou’s bed.
Date: December 8, 7:30pm
Tickets: 180-580 yuan

Musical: ‘The Little Match Girl’ 

Based on the legacy of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, the French musical tells a story about a little girl who is sent to sell 11 matches on a cold New Year’s Eve night. When all the world seems to be celebrating family reunions, the girl is deprived of joy. The music is composed by Julien Salvia, with lyrics by Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal. Both have produced a bunch of renowned musicals together. The French drama was nominated as the most popular musical for young audiences at the Moliere Prize for Drama event in 2016.
Date: December 12-13, 7:30pm
Tickets: 180-380 yuan

Drama: ‘The Earl of the Wulong Mountain’

Xie Xie, a young man with no job, house or car, inherits a large sum of money on his 30th birthday. When Xie arrives at the bank to cash a check, he coincidently meets a gang who wants to rob the bank and a bank teller who wants to die. Xie is wrongly assumed to be the robber and murderer by the police so he runs away to Wulong Mountain. Three years later, when Xie meets Ma Lilian, the owner of a bar, he starts on a course of self-redemption and revenge. The comedy is one of the most popular plays of the Mahua Fun Age, one of China’s most famous theater brands.
Date: December 21, 7:30pm
Tickets: 50-380 yuan

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