Taking taxis to and from import expo venue made easier

Chen Huizhi
It should be easier to get a taxi from the venue this year.
Chen Huizhi

Last year it was hard for visitors to the China International Import Expo to find a taxi near the venue, but this year taking a taxi both to and from the venue should be easier.

More visitors are expected to take taxis this year than last year. Last year visitors who took taxis to the National Exhibition and Convention Center could only get off at the P1 parking lot, but this year they can also get off at the P6 parking lot on Huaxiang Road and Zhuguang Road Metro station on Line 17.

It only takes about 5 minutes to get from the P6 lot to the eastern entrance of the expo.

People getting off at the P1 parking lot can enter the venue from the western entrance, while those getting off at the intersection of Songze Avenue and Zhuguang Road can enter through the northern entrance.

Those using hailing apps can get off on Shenwu Road between Xihong Road and Shaohong Road and use the eastern entrance, police said.

People who want to take a taxi from the venue can find cars at the P6 parking lot.

In the entire area surrounding the venue, all vehicles entering need to produce a certificate except for pubic buses and taxis.

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