More translation centers at CIIE

Xu Lingchao
Seven business lounges are equipped with interpreting services.
Xu Lingchao

China International Import Expo brings great opportunities for traders and companies from all over the world to communicate and make connections. This year, seven business lounges allow them to negotiate and socialize in comfort.

But language can be a problem, as people are coming from all over the world.

This year, 80 translation machines are scattered across the lounges to provide interpretation services in 12 languages including English, Russian and Thai.

These machines are supported by Transn Internet of Languages Technology Co., Ltd, an online translation service provider.

“You can consider us as the Didi Chuxing or Uber of translating services,” said Fu Qiang, vice-president of Transn. “We have a large number of interpreters and translators standing by online.”

Once the visitors choose the language they want, they are put through to an  interpreter, Fu told Shanghai Daily, and negotiation can continue.

Fu said last year, the company provided 40 machines, but the demand was quite high, so this year they doubled the number with more Russian interpreters.

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