More exposure for Macau designers

Ke Jiayun
Clothing designed in Macau is to be displayed at exhibitions in the Yangtze River Delta following a cooperation agreement signed at the ongoing China International Import Expo.
Ke Jiayun

Clothing by Macau designers will tour the Yangtze River Delta under a cooperation agreement signed on Wednesday during the China International Import Expo.

The designers will take their creations to Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces for exhibitions between November 28 and 30 and will be introduced to enterprises based there.

Lu Pingyi, director of the International Fashion Idea Display and Trade Center, said that when it heard that Macau's clothing association — with which it had a good relationship — was attending the second CIIE, they saw a good chance further exchanges and collaboration in more areas of the Yangtze River Delta region.  

On Friday, the center will sign agreements with French fashion associations, which will set an office in Shanghai in the future and bring high-quality fashion resources to China. It is also working on getting fashion resources from Japan and South Korea.

 Li Xiuqiong, general manager of the Macau Clothing Brands Incubation Platform, said it hoped through international exhibitions to integrate with the world market and improve the image of Macau fashion throughout the world, as well as enhancing overseas exchanges.

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