Knife-thrower gets one year in jail

Ke Jiayun
A local man who tossed a knife and other objects from a 14th floor window was convicted for endangering public security. The incident happened during a family dispute.
Ke Jiayun

A local man who threw a knife out of a 14th-floor window was sentenced to one year in jail for endangering public security, the Minhang District People's Court ruled on Friday.

Prosecutors said the man, surnamed Jiang, threw several objects from a window in his parent's house during a family dispute. The objects included a mobile phone, a tablet computer and a knife.

The items hit the road below the window and also damaged three parked cars.

Jiang later surrendered himself to local police.

Jiang's family made compensation for the damage to the cars in order to seek leniency for him.

This is the city's first criminal case related to objects thrown from high buildings after a guideline was issued by the Supreme People's Court.

According to the guideline on handling cases related to objects falling or being thrown from tall buildings, those intentionally throwing dangerous items from a building can be sentenced under the charge of murder if their actions cause the death of another person.

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