City university launches institute in Singapore

Yang Meiping
Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Asia-Pacific Graduate Institute will explore solutions to the challenges facing all human beings and cultivate talent for the future. 
Yang Meiping

Shanghai Jiao Tong University launched its Asia-Pacific Graduate Institute in Singapore on Thursday.

The new institution will explore solutions to the challenges facing all human beings, such as the application of artificial intelligence in coping with an aging population. It will also develop its teaching staff in areas including economics and management, international politics and public relations, engineering and medical sciences to cultivate talent that can solve future problems for the entire world.

The university said the institute is an extension of its education and research efforts, as well as a platform for overseas resource integration and internationalization. Its overall goal is to promote the innovation of systems and integration of resources, and in turn, open up new global prospects in education and research. It aims to become a world-class overseas educational institution recognized not only in Singapore, but also internationally. It also seeks to attract and groom global talents, and become a center for innovation.

Hong Xiaoyong, Chinese ambassador to Singapore, and Jiang Sixian, the university's Party secretary, unveiled a plaque for the new institute.

Jiang said the institute marked a new phase in the university's international education and the friendship between Singapore and China.

The university launched its first education program – for masters of business administration – in Singapore in 1992. In 2001, it signed an agreement with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and moved its teaching sites into the Singaporean university. In 2002, the Shanghai university was approved by China’s Ministry of Education to set up the first overseas Chinese graduate school. It has cultivated more than 600 business elites and management talent and become a bridge between China and Singapore in economic, trading and cultural exchanges.

Shanghai Jiao Tong has joined CREATE, a large-scale scientific research project launched by the National Research Foundation of Singapore, to introduce international wisdom to solve major global scientific and technological problems through multidisciplinary joint research. Since 2012, the university has collaborated with the National University of Singapore in the “Energy and Environmental Sustainability Solutions for Megacities (E2S2)” program, contributing wisdom to environmental monitoring and treatment in Singapore. The first phase of the program has completed in March 2018 and the second phase was launched in August last year.

On June 25 this year, the Asia-Pacific Graduate Institute Ltd was registered as a public company limited by guarantee in Singapore. It has also been registered as a private education institution with Singapore’s Committee for Private Education since October 1.

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