City artifacts on show in Singapore

Yang Meiping
Items from the collections of five Shanghai institutions go on display in Singapore in an exhibition that is expected to provide a platform for cultural dialogue.
Yang Meiping

An exhibition which opened at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore on Thursday features collections from Shanghai museums.

“The Oriental Pearl: Overseas Exhibition of Shanghai University Museums,” organized by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the UK Young Chinese Entrepreneur Association, tells the stories behind the collections of five Shanghai institutions – Shanghai Jiao Tong, Fudan and Donghua universities, the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai Theater Academy.

Focusing on ancient shipping, literature and art, calligraphy, textiles and costume and traditional opera, the exhibition is expected to provide a platform for cultural dialogue between universities from Shanghai and Singapore, bringing Shanghai culture to Singapore and Chinese culture to the world.

The Qian Xuesen Library and Museum at Shanghai Jiao Tong University highlights a briefcase used by Qian, the missiles he improved and his academic books. The briefcase was a gift when he attended an international conference during his stay in the US and shows the wear and tear of more than 40 years of use. 

The Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduces some TCM equipment, such as a bronze acupuncture model made in 1744 in the Qing Dynasty. The 45.8-centimeter-high bronze figure, in the image of an old woman, was used to for teaching acupuncture.

The exhibition will run through December 2.

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