Disney to X-ray visitors' bags

Li Qian
Machines replace staff at two inspection channels on a trial basis at Shanghai resort after controversy over security checks deemed an "invasion of privacy."
Li Qian

Shanghai Disney Resort has introduced two X-ray machines in its latest efforts to improve its controversial safety checks.

The new machines replace staff at two inspection channels but visitors will still need to open their bags if asked to do so. 

Disney's policy of asking visitors to open their bags to let security staff see what’s inside sparked claims of invasion of privacy. 

The resort said the X-ray machines are on trial and they will listen to feedback from visitors. There will be more X-ray machines in future, the resort said, without giving further details.

In March, a law student sued the resort after being refused entry with snacks, which triggered a dispute on social media.

In September, the resort implemented a new policy allowing visitors to bring food and beverages into its theme park, provided that the food does not require heating, reheating, processing, refrigeration or temperature control, and does not have pungent odors.

The resort's management team also announced plans to provide a more visitor-friendly security screening process, including the installation of X-ray machines.

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