Art reunion after 32 years

Chen Huizhi
The work of five artists who held a sensational exhibition in the city in 1987 is on show at Shanghai History Museum along with some memories of that milestone in contemporary art.
Chen Huizhi

Five painters who put on a sensational exhibition in Shanghai in 1987 have their art reunion after 32 years.

An exhibition featuring over 30 paintings, sculptures, images, installations and other artworks from the five – Wang Dalin, Li Shan, Zhou Changjiang, Hong Jijie and Xia Baoyuan – opened at Shanghai History Museum on Tuesday.

Their oil painting exhibition in December 1987 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center was regarded as one of the most avant-garde in China at the time and a milestone in Chinese contemporary art.

The works in the exhibition were all created since the 1980s with some specially for this year's exhibition.

Besides the paintings, visitors to the exhibition can also see pictures of the art in the 1987 exhibition as well as the guestbook.

The exhibition is on the first and second floor of the west building of the museum and will be open until December 19. Admission is free.

The event is hosted by the museum and Shanghai Artists Association.

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