New proposal raised for noise management

Ke Jiayun
Non-communist party suggests that urban racket can be divided into different categories in order to be better managed by authorities.
Ke Jiayun

The Shanghai Committee of China National Democratic Construction Association, one of China's eight non-communist parties, will file a proposal on noise management during Shanghai's upcoming "two sessions," the committee announced on Friday.

According to the proposal, there are four major types of noise. These are produced from traffic, schools, construction sites and commercial activities.

The proposal suggests that noises can be sorted for better management. Noises from school and commercial events can be included under the supervision of environmental protection authorities.

Further, authorities should investigate noise complaints from residents. Excessive and prolonged noise pollution cases should then be addressed by authorities.

The proposal also suggests that home renovation and construction teams should receive professional management and standardized training. Such teams are a major source of noise in many residential compounds.

Areas which are prone to noise should collect real-time noise data. This data should be transferred to environmental protection authorities.

Besides noises, the committee also focuses on problems like parking in old residential communities and education for special-needs children.                       

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