Fewer residents ring police hotline last year

Chen Huizhi
Calls to the emergency number 110 were down 8.9 percent in 2019. In terms of calls related to burglaries, some districts saw drops of over 50 percent.
Chen Huizhi

Residents in Shanghai made 8.9 percent fewer calls to the police hotline 110 last year, continuing an ongoing decline in emergency calls, police said on Friday.

About 400 police officers work at the city's 110 call center at the moment. During 12-hour shifts, officers can receive between 150 and 250 calls.

About 60 police officers who speak English, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Arabic, Korean, Spanish and Italian volunteer to stand by 24-hours per day to translate for foreigners who call 110 in Shanghai.

Back in January 2019, Shanghai police allowed people to report emergencies on WeChat via an app called "Shanghai 110." The app requires users to register with their identity information before filing reports.

So far, about 15,000 people have registered on the app, and about 11,000 reports have been filed, police said, reminding people that it's still better to make calls to the police for better efficiency in communication.

People with impaired hearing can send SMS messages to 12110 to report an emergency.

Meanwhile, about 94 percent of people who used the 110 hotline last year were satisfied with police service, a record high since such data was first collected in 2010.

Safe, safer

In terms of the number of 110 calls related to burglaries, drops of over 50 percent were recorded in Jiading, Jing’an, Yangpu, Changning and Putuo districts, with Jiading having the largest decline, 68.6 percent, police said.

Jiading also leads all districts in the drop of 110 calls related to the theft of bikes and e-bikes, with a 65.1 percent decrease. Jiading was followed by Jing’an, Putuo, Huangpu and Changning districts in this regard.

The largest dropoff in 110 calls related to pickpocketing last year was recorded in Yangpu District, at 69.7 percent, according to the police. It was followed by Changning, Jiading and Huangpu districts.

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