US$66,500 compensation follows rabies death

Ke Jiayun
The owner of a golden retriever was ordered to pay more than 460,000 yuan compensation to the family of a man the dog infected with rabies.
Ke Jiayun

The owner of a rabid golden retriever which bit a man and caused his death has been ordered to pay more than 460,000 yuan (US$66,500) to the dead man's family by Jinshan District People's Court.

In 2017, Yao bought a puppy from a pet store and had it vaccinated against rabies, for the first and only time.

In May 2018, the dog refused to eat and he called on Hu, an experienced dog handler. Hu visited Yao's home to see the dog and was bitten.

Yao told the court that he asked Hu to get a rabies shot but Hu refused and used water to clean the wound.

Yao then beat the dog to death with a stick.

On August 3, Hu felt uncomfortable and went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with rabies and died seven days later.

On October 9, Hu's family brought Yao to court, demanding a 1.8-million-yuan in compensation.

Yao thought the possibility of the dog carrying rabies was very slim as he have also been bitten the same day and claimed that Hu was at fault for refusing to take the vaccine.

The court ruled that since people suffering rabies often show symptoms about three months later and Yao received a vaccine on August 5, it is possible that Hu's death was related to Yao's dog, but Hu should bear the brunt of the responsibility for his refusal to have a rabies shot. Yao should take secondary responsibility as the pet owner.

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