Proposal takes aim at adverts on Huangpu River cruise ships

Hu Min
A proposal filed at Shanghai's "two sessions" calls for raised standards for ads on river tour boats. Many ads lack creativity or violate current rules, says one adviser.
Hu Min

A proposal filed during Shanghai's "two sessions" suggests raising the standards for advertisements displayed on cruise ships on the Huangpu River so as to elevate the city's image.

Huangpu River cruise tours are a window to Shanghai, although advertisements on tour boats lack innovation, with promotion and profit being the only concern, said local adviser He Lin.

Some advertisements on ships violate Shanghai's outdoor advertisement standards in terms of their length and placement, said He. Some ads also affect the use of safety equipment, according to the adviser.

Shanghai's outdoor advertisement regulations state that the space or time of public-service ads should account for no less than 10 percent of mobile outdoor ad content, while some ships on the river fail to meet these regulations, according to the proposal.

There is also an increase in naming ships and yachts directly after advertisers, He said.

Ads on ships cover a range of backers, such as banks, insurance companies and automobile makers.

The threshold for advertisements on cruise tour ships on the river should be raised instead of being simply profit-oriented, said He.

Ads that display Shanghai's landscape and culture, and combine innovation and promotion should be given priority, the proposal called.

He suggested competitions be held to select outstanding ad works, along with enhanced management on cruise ship ads.

There are nearly 40 ships operating tours on the river at present, and efforts are being stepped up to make the iconic river cruise a world-class attraction.

Shanghai's first hop-on, hop-off cruise tour was launched late last month, allowing tourists to enjoy both the view along the Huangpu River and attractions on its banks. 

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