Proposal offers suggestions for developing night economy

Hu Min
More diversity based on location and timing, as well as tax cuts and other incentives, are among advisers' recommendations for spurring night-time business.
Hu Min

A proposal submitted to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Shanghai Committee suggests introducing more diversity into the local night economy.

Night economy zones in the city lack unique features, and statistics reveal that 60 percent of night-time businesses center on dining, while the rest are mostly on film, KTV, sports and cosmetology, said the proposal filed by local advisers Luo Shanying and Huang Chunhua.

The themes of different night economy areas can be developed based on location and timing, the proposal suggests.

During the China International Import Expo, imported food and commodity night markets can be hosted, while crayfish and strawberry festivals can be launched in different seasons, the advisers suggest.

Night book fairs can be hosted on Daxue Road in Yangpu District as the area hosts a number of universities, while festivals catering to sports fans can be organized during big events such as the World Cup and Olympics, according to the advisers.

The proposal also suggests incentives in terms of tax cuts for late-night businesses, as well as a better environment to spur their enthusiasm.

In April, city authorities released a guideline to promote the development of the night economy.

Nightlife clusters featuring "international, local and fashion flavors" will be created, the guideline states.

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