Solution to taxi drivers' toilet problem

Hu Min
Proposal calls for temporary free parking near Shanghai's public toilets, and more toilets, so that drivers who are on the road all day can more easily access such facilities.
Hu Min

Free temporary parking spaces should be established near public toilets, a proposal suggested.

Shanghai has witnessed a surge in the numbers and quality of public toilets with the promotion of China's "toilet revolution," providing people with modern, standard, clean facilities, but there was still a problem for people who were always on the road such as taxi drivers, said political adviser Tao Yinyan.

There were no parking spaces at street-side public toilets, and many drivers had to risk being fined when they need to use the facilities, Tao said. 

Some roads, such as Husong Road and Century Avenue, were long with heavy traffic, but there were not enough public toilets along these roads, according to the proposal.

In addition, the public toilets at some gas stations were closed, and toilets at some hotels and libraries were not open to outsiders, the proposal said.

Such awkward situations had led to bad habits of many drivers, causing urinary diseases, Tao said.

The proposal suggests free temporary parking spaces near public toilets on major road sections, a scheme which operates in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.

Drivers should be informed and reminded not to occupy the parking space for a long time, the proposal said.

Mobile toilets could be set up under some overpasses, the proposal said.

Improving public toilet signage on major road sections and more toilets at public venues that are open to drivers are also advised.

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