Milk cartons head garbage searching list

Hu Min
After implementation of Shanghai's garbage sorting regulations in July last year there were 302,088 searches for milk cartons on the official platform and 275,553 for plastic bags.
Hu Min

Milk cartons, plastic bags and eggshells were the most-searched trash on Shanghai's official garbage sorting search platform last year, authorities said on Thursday.

The platform called "Where is the waste going" has more than 5 million registered users, with over 28 million search services provided in 2019, the Shanghai Waste Management Office affiliated to the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau announced.

The platform has collected more than 100,000 entries and is equipped with intelligent matching functions.

July, when Shanghai's trash-sorting regulations went into effect, witnessed the most searches at 11.47 million, the office said.

The most searched for subject was milk cartons, hitting 302,088, which are recyclable trash, according to the office.

Searches for plastic bags hit 275,553, which are dry waste, followed by eggshells (212,685), which are wet garbage, the office said.

Pets, milk and excrement, although not falling into the household waste category, were frequently searched for as well, the office said.

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