Chinese GDP growth tipped at 6 percent in 2020: report

Yang Meiping
The country's economy will continue to expand, despite downward pressure from slowdowns in consumption and trade growth, according to a recent report.
Yang Meiping

A report by the Institute for Advanced Research, under the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, predicts that China’s GDP growth will be about 6 percent this year.

The report says the Chinese economy still faces downward economic pressures, including slowdowns in consumption and trade growth.

Although investment in real estate has been stable, and investment in infrastructure is rising, overall investment growth is decelerating, notably in the manufacturing sector, says the report.

Based on the IAR-CMM macroeconomic forecasting model, with alternative scenario analyses and policy simulations, the report predicts that the real GDP growth rate will be 6 percent in China this year, with consumption increasing by 7.1 percent and investment by 5.4 percent. It also predicts exports will decrease by 2.4 percent and imports increase by 1.3 percent.

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