City crackdown on the live poultry trade

Hu Min
Officials carry out inspections on nearly 700 of Shanghai's streets on Wednesday in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak to stamp out trading in live poultry and wild animals 
Hu Min
City crackdown on the live poultry trade
Ti Gong

Urban management and law enforcement officials with live poultry they had confiscated. 

Shanghai authorities are conducting intensive inspections of the live poultry and wild animal trade across the city in the wake of the current coronavirus outbreak.

Over 400 live poultry were confiscated in the Pudong New Area on Wednesday by urban management and law enforcement officials.

Seven cases of trading in live poultry are being investigated, and there were inspections in nearly 700 streets on Wednesday, the Pudong New Area Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau said.

A trader in live poultry at a residential complex on Meichuan Road in Putuo District was caught on Monday, it said.

His poultry and equipment were confiscated and he was ordered to cease sales immediately.

Officials also inspected wet markets on Julu Road and Shaanxi Rd S. in Huangpu District advising businesses not to sell live poultry or wild animals and to enhance disinfection. 

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