Shanghai confirms 16 new coronavirus cases

Yang Meiping
The latest update from the Shanghai Health Commission pushes the total number of confirmed cases in the city to 96. The new cases include four patients from Wuhan.
Yang Meiping

Shanghai confirmed another 16 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday morning, including one in critical condition, Shanghai Health Commission announced. This pushes the total number of confirmed cases to 96.

The newly confirmed cases include four patients from Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, three from other Hubei cities, and nine Shanghai residents, including those with local residency and people staying in the city for over six months. The local residents include four living in Fengxian District, two in Xuhui District, and one in Jiading, Songjiang and Jinhan districts each.

The 96 total patients, aged between 7 and 88, are 50 males and 46 females. Among them, 71 have lived in or traveled to Hubei Province. One patient traveled to Guangdong Province and ate wild animal meat. Another 22 have had close contact with infected patients and two had neither lived or traveled in Hubei nor had close contact with people from the central province.

Forty-seven people are from Hubei Province, including 34 from Wuhan and 13 from other cities; the other 49 are local residents.

Among local residents, 12 people live in Pudong, seven in Jing’an District, five each in Xuhui, Changning and Fengxian districts, three in Huangpu District, two each in Hongkou, Minhang, Qingpu, Jiading and Baoshan districts, one in Songjiang and Jinshan districts each.

Currently, 87 patients are in stable condition, another three are critical, one has died and five have been discharged upon recovery, the commission said.

So far, 109 suspected cases have been cleared and another 185 suspected cases are undergoing tests.

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