Food guideline issued by market watchdog

Hu Min
Enhanced measures in food production and delivery have been ordered by the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.
Hu Min

Shanghai's market watchdog issued a food operation safety guideline on Wednesday to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, ordering enhanced measures in food manufacturing and delivery.

Staff in catering businesses must undergo health checks twice a day, the guideline released by the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation states.

Food industry workers should avoid contact with wild animals or live poultry and avoid close contact with people with respiratory infection symptoms.

There must be thorough cleaning and regular disinfection of food processing and business venues, and disinfection of menus, elevators and toilets at restaurants.

Restaurants are banned from procurement and sales of wild animals such as wild birds, snakes and toads, and raising or killing animals such as live poultry at food operation venues is not allowed. Procurement of poultry or other meats without quarantine certificates is also banned.

Food must be fully cooked, and the supply of cold or raw food should be reduced.

Long-term exposure of cooked food should be prevented, and the storage time of cooked food should be cut with meals made only when an order is forwarded.

Catering businesses are ordered to suspend group banquets.

Canteens at working units are encouraged to supply set meals and take-away food, and provide meal service at different times to prevent too many people gathering.

People should wear masks when entering catering venues.

Food delivery platforms should ask businesses to seal food in enclosed containers or use food delivery seals to prevent contamination during delivery, the guideline says.  

Insulated food cabinets and delivery vehicles should be cleaned and disinfected every day, and delivery persons must undergo temperature checks and wear masks during delivery.

An epidemic prevention and control and food safety contingency plan should be established, the guideline states.

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