Personal credit warning for virus cheats

Chen Huizhi
Shanghai People's Congress authorizes the city government to take emergency measures that could tarnish residents' credit in preventing and controlling the epidemic.
Chen Huizhi

People who hid their travel history or dodge isolation for medical observance could see their personal credit tarnished, according to a Shanghai People's Congress decision passed on Friday.

Anyone concealing their disease or contact history with people diagnosed with coronavirus-related pneumonia or suspected cases could also be discredited, according to the decision.

A tarnished credit may lead to restrictions in consumption, travel, loan applications and other problems.

The standing committee of the SPC, the city's legislative body, authorized the government to take emergency measures in preventing and controlling the epidemic through this decision.

The city government was authorized to issue regulations, decisions, directives or notices and to take emergency administrative measures in medicine, transport, community management, production, market management, labor, environment, animal health and other aspects, with no contradiction to the country's Constitution, laws and regulations and the primary principles of the city's local regulations.

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