Doc gives tips for people returning to work

Cai Wenjun
As people return home and start work, infection control is of paramount importance.
Cai Wenjun

Large numbers of people are returning to Shanghai after the Chinese New Year holiday and many companies will resume operations from Monday.

Dr Wu Liming, of the Shanghai Municipal Center for Health Promotion, said people should take care when going to and from work, as well as in the office.

People should keep warm, be aware of coughing and sneezing, wear mask while taking lifts, keep a safe distance from others, ventilate their working places properly, wash their hands regularly, take care to clean cell phones and mouses, take off their coats when they arriving home and go to hospital if they develop symptoms.

“Public transportation and working venues are high-risk places. Good ventilation is very important,” Wu said. “People should avoid gathering in canteens and take their meals at their desk instead of eating together.”

He said people should be careful how they dispose of their masks and wash their hands as soon as they return home.

“Cooperating with temperature checks and going to the doctor if you develop any symptoms are very important,” he added.

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