Doctors expect public to stay on their guard

Cai Wenjun
People should avoid gatherings and other social activities.
Cai Wenjun

Local health officials said people should avoid gatherings and social activities. Anyone showing symptoms should go to hospital and report their movements to medics. The same applies to family members who show symptoms.

In Hongkou District, a man drove to Bengbu in Anhui Province, on January 17 to watch a football match with his friends. He stayed there for two days after having meals with friends and drove back. He started to develop symptoms on January 30 and his wife felt sick the next day. The couple went to hospital on February 4 and both were confirmed as infected.

Investigation found four people in Bengbu who had met the husband were also infected, Zheng Jin, a spokeswoman of Shanghai Health Commission told a news conference on Sunday.

She also released the whereabouts of  the 11 new coronavirus cases reported on Saturday. 

These venues covered residential complexes, public transportation venues, supermarkets, working places in seven districts, including Pudong International Airport, Hongqiao International Airport, Hongqiao Railway Station, Metro Damuqiao Road Station, Shanxxi Road S. Station and Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 Station.

All close contacts of these patients have been kept for quarantine and observation and relevant places have undergoing proper disinfection, officials said.

Local hospitals have been working very hard for coronavirus patient detection, diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Lu Hongzhou from Shanghai Public Health Medical Center, a designated hospital for coronavirus treatment, said the hospital has received about 250 patients. There are 10 patients in a serious condition and 10 are critical. The rate for serious and critical conditions is less than 8 percent and there has only been one fatality so far.

“We have the best doctors on hand to treat all the patients and each in a serious and critical condition is given individual treatment,” Lu said. “Our doctors do not leave the hospital and treat the patients whenever they are needed.”

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