Medical alcohol shipped to Chongming hospitals

Wu Ruofan
With ferry services canceled, local authorities cooperated over the weekend on a mission to transport needed medical supplies to Chongming Island.
Wu Ruofan
Medical alcohol shipped to Chongming hospitals
Ti Gong

An operator with the Baoshan Maritime Safety Administration guides vessels carrying medical supplies.

Over 1,000 kilograms of medical alcohol was shipped to hospitals on the Chongming Island to help relieve clinical shortages with the help of Baoshan Maritime Safety Administration over the weekend.

The alcohol was scheduled to be delivered via ferry, but the ferry was shut due to coronavirus prevention measures.

The Chongming Transportation Commission asked for help from Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration, as hospitals on the island were in serious need of medical supplies like oxygen, alcohol and nitrogen.

After receiving the request, Baoshan authorities contacted Chongming Passenger Transportation Ship Company to provide emergency assistance.

During the voyage from Shidongkou to Xinhe port, patrol boat, vessel traffic service terminals and electronic cruise systems were used to support the escort mission.

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