Man detained in dispute over temperature

Ke Jiayun
Driver injured a police officer and arguing with them and a security guard over temperature checks as he was returning to his community in Qingpu District after a shopping trip.
Ke Jiayun

A man has been detained by police after a dispute over a temperature reading as he tried to drive into his residential community. 

Police and prosecutors in Qingpu District said the man, surnamed Zhang, had argued with a security guard at his residential community in Zhaoxiang Town on Sunday after being told his temperature reading was abnormal. 

Zhang was driving back home with his wife Feng and their son after shopping. When he drove into the community, the guard took their temperatures and found Zhang's abnormal.

The guard asked Zhang to wait for a second temperature check, police said, but Zhang and his son began to argue and Zhang parked his car at the entrance, blocking other vehicles from going in and out.

The second temperature check was normal but still Zhang refused to move and continued to argue with the guard. 

When police arrived they told Zhang that temperature checks were a must for epidemic control and told him to move. However, Zhang then began to quarrel with them. 

After several warnings, which were ignored, Zhang accelerated his car all of a sudden and hurt a police officer's arm. He was detained. 

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