Don't delay hospital visits, say doctors

Cai Wenjun
Early treatment is vital according to doctors at Xinhua Hospital who fear that many patients are delaying going to hospital because of the risk of coronavirus infection.
Cai Wenjun

Local hospitals are telling people to visit the hospital in the event of an emergency, rather than avoiding a visit due to fear of a coronavirus infection.

Xinhua Hospital said on Wednesday there had been a 20 percent increase in the number of critical patients in its emergency department after many patients had delayed their visit to the hospital and missed the best time for treatment.

A 34-year-old woman was unconscious when she arrived at the hospital by ambulance. Doctors said she was suffering from meningitis and problems related to diabetes. Their best efforts couldn’t save her.

A pregnant woman had been feeling sick for two days before she went to the hospital. Doctors administered urgent treatment but it was too late to save her baby. 

“Many people fear the risk of going to the hospital during the epidemic, but all hospitals are in proper operation and doctors from all departments are available to offer consultation and urgent treatment,” said Dr Fei Aihua, director of Xinhua’s emergency medicine department.

She said the number of traffic injuries and falls had dropped greatly as many people were staying at home. Most patients at the emergency department were those who had a stroke, a heart attack, lack of breath, digestive bleeding, meningitis, problems related to diabetes and organ failure.

“Early diagnosis and early treatment are important. People with chronic diseases should stay alert and go to the hospital in time if feeling unwell,” she said. “Pregnant women should go to the hospital for regular prenatal checks to avoid risks.”

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