Temperature checks for Huangpu's markets

Yang Jian
Every customer and vendor must have their temperature checked and wear masks before being allowed entry to the district's popular wet and grocery markets according to new rules.
Yang Jian

All customers and vendors must receive temperature checks and wear masks before entering Huangpu District’s wet and grocery markets, the district announced on Thursday.

It is one of several new measures released by the downtown district on Thursday to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia.

The markets attract a large number of customers due to their convenient location, but many are old and poorly ventilated.

Many vendors are also from regions mainly affected by the epidemic, posing a risk to prevention and control efforts, according to the district government.

Management at markets are required to screen all vendors returning to the the city from other provinces. Those from central Hubei Province, the hardest-hit region, must receive further checks or quarantine measures according to the city government's stipulations.

Disinfection measures should be carried out every day while a major cleanup must be conducted weekly, according to the new rules.

The market watchdog will also enhance its crackdown on the selling of live poultry or wild animals, as well as fake products. Price gouging and commodity hoarding are also under strict supervision.

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