Malaysian LNG ship gets a clear passage to berth in Shanghai in foggy weather

Wu Ruofan
Port authorities have launched a green channel to ensure the "POLAR SPIRIT" berths safely to ensure city's gas supply.
Wu Ruofan

A ship carrying 50,000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas from Malaysia berthed in a Shanghai port in dense fog on Thursday afternoon to keep the city running amid the epidemic crisis.

With a total capacity of 87,660 cubic meters, the large-scale LNG ship POLAR SPIRIT sails to Shanghai twice per month, to meet the rising demand for natural gas on an expected cold weekend.

To ensure its safe and punctual arrival under low visibility, the Wusong Maritime Administration Commission quickly launched a green channel by implementing temporary traffic controls on other ships.

Multiple emergency plans have been adopted by maritime authorities to deal with the recent epidemic outbreak, severe weather conditions and rising traffic.

The ship managed to dock around 3pm following active coordination by pilot stations.

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