No new coronavirus infections in Shanghai, one more fatality

Hu Min
An elderly female patient with underlying health issues died on Wednesday morning, marking the second local death due to the coronavirus.
Hu Min

Shanghai reported no new coronavirus infection cases on Wednesday morning, with another 29 suspected cases ruled out and nine patients discharged from hospital, the Shanghai Health Commission announced.

However, a 79-year-old female patient died on Wednesday morning, the commission said. She had a history of high blood pressure and cerebral infarction, according to authorities.

So far, the city has reported 333 confirmed infections and ruled out 1,909 suspected cases, according to the commission.

Among confirmed patients, 128 are in stable conditions, four are in serious condition and another 13 are critical, the commission said.

Two deaths have been reported, and 186 patients have been discharged from hospital so far.

There are currently 123 suspected cases in the city.

Among all the confirmed cases, a total of 144 local patients have traveled or lived in Hubei Province, 33 have traveled or lived in other regions, and 156 have contact history with the infected.

A total of 110 patients are from outside the city, while 223 are local residents, which include those with registered residency or people staying in the city for over six months.

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