Business in Jing'an joining the anti-virus fight

Li Qian
Foreign companies in Jing'an District are making big contributions to the shortage of medical supplies in the ongoing battle against the epidemic. 
Li Qian

Foreign donations

Foreign companies in Jing’an District are making big contributions to the shortage of medical supplies in the ongoing battle against the epidemic. 

Despite being one of the smallest districts in Shanghai, Jing’an is home to 82 regional headquarters of multinational companies. 

French luxury group LVMH, whose China headquarters is in Jing’an, has donated 16 million yuan (US$2.3 million) to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, hoping to relieve the shortage of medical supplies in Wuhan, heart of the outbreak. 

LVMH rival Kering has donated 7.5 million yuan to the Hubei Red Cross Foundation. The money will be used for patient care, professional raining and improving public health knowledge.

improving public health knowledge. L’Oreal, another French powerhouse, donated 5 million yuan to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation to buy masks, goggles and protective outfits for Wuhan. 

Pharmaceutical company BristolMyers Squibb has donated cash and vitamin products, valued at 5 million yuan, to Wuhan and Hubei. It is also working with domestic partner Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co to ensure medicines are sent to frontline medical staff expeditiously. 

Starbucks China has donated 3 million yuan to buy medical supplies for Wuhan. 

Biopharmaceutical company Pfizer, which opened the global headquarters for its Pfizer Upjohn unit in Jing’an about eight months ago, has donated anti-infection medication, valued at 2.2 million yuan, to treat patients in Wuhan. 

According to the Jing’an Commerce Commission, the figures of foreign assistance keep increasing as new donations pour in.

Business in Jing'an joining the anti-virus fight
zhou shengjie / SHINE

Workers return to their offices at HKRI Taikoo Hui, where a maximum of six people are allowed to take the elevators at any one time. 

Resuming work

Office buildings in Jing’an have fully prepared for the resumption of work after the extended Spring Festival holiday. 

The Jing’an Kerry Center, an office and shopping complex in the Jing’ansi area, has 170 stores and 8,000 office workers. 

Frontline  workers, including receptionists, cleaners and security guards, have been trained about the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus. 

Public spaces, especially lobbies, door handles, restrooms and tearooms, are disinfected several times a day. Elevators are disinfected every half an hour, and elevator buttons are covered with protective film that is changed every half hour.

Security guards, wearing disposable gloves, serve as doormen at the entrances. Twenty-two inspection sites have been set up. Everyone entering the complex is required to have body temperature taken. Those with temperatures over 37.3 degrees Celsius are told to see doctors, and their status is reported to employers, local health authorities and neighborhood officials. 

The ventilation system at the center is running around the clock to keep the air fresh. Hand sanitizers are available for free. Litter bins especially for used masks are placed in both offices and shopping areas.

Canteen  are requiring every diner to wear a mask and have their body temperatures taken. Diners are seated appropriate distances apart.

HKRI Taikoo Hui, another comprehensive commercial complex in Jing’an, has recruited disinfection robots. The mechanical cleaners are equipped with disinfectant and their routes programmed to cover every corner. In five minutes after the floors are disinfected, the concentration of the virus can be reduced to 0.001. 

HKRI Taikoo Hui limits use of elevators to a maximum of six people at a time. Every 15 minutes, elevator buttons are disinfected. 

New parcel delivery lockers have been installed for office workers to pick up lunch orders. 

Eateries in the complex have supplied specially designed lunch menus for office workers to order for food delivery.

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