Hunt for contacts of coronavirus patient in Shanghai

Xu Qing
The patient, whose gender was not disclosed, was confirmed as infected on Wednesday, and was in Shanghai last week.
Xu Qing

Shanghai is looking for people who have had close contact with a coronavirus patient, the city's center for disease control and prevention said.

The patient, whose gender was not disclosed, was in Shanghai last week.

-- At 1:30pm on February 19, the patient took flight SU513 (seat 16B) from Iran and arrived at Moscow airport at about 5pm (Moscow time). 

-- At 9am on February 20, the person flew to Shanghai's Pudong International Airport on flight SU206. After arriving at the airport at 11:05pm, the patient took a taxi and checked in at Room 3078 of Yitel Trend hotel.

-- At 4pm on February 21, the patient went downstairs by lift and gave a parcel to a courier. 

-- At 9am on February 22, the patient took a Didi car (plate number 沪GY0322) to Shanghai Railway Station, boarding the 6:36pm Z216 train to Lanzhou (No. 13 carriage , No. 8 lower berth)

At 8pm on February 23, the patient boarded the K9664 train to Zhongwei City, in northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Zhongwei confirmed the person as infected by the novel coronavirus on Wednesday, and later released the whereabouts.

The person was wearing masks throughout in Shanghai.

Shanghai CDC said it had immediately started to trace anyone who have had close contact with the patient, with collaboration of Customs and transportation authorities. All the related places have been informed for disinfection.

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