More tourist attractions ready to reopen

Hu Min
More than 76 percent of Shanghai's 113 A-level tourist attractions had reopened by Thursday, the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Administration said, with more reopening on Friday.
Hu Min
More tourist attractions ready to reopen
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Three visitors take photos at Tianzifang on Thursday. 

More city tourist attractions, including the Zhujiajiao watertown and Jinze ancient town scenic areas, will reopen on Friday, with visitors required to follow coronavirus prevention measures, Shanghai tourism authorities said on Thursday.

The 77 A-level tourist attractions that had reopened by Thursday represent 76.2 percent of the total, the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Administration said.

Shanghai has 113 A-level tourist attractions, with 12 undergoing renovation or rectification and not able to reopen at present, the administration said. 

Zhujiajiao watertown in Qingpu District requires visitors to book online via its WeChat account and will cap the number of visitors.

Its Kezhi Garden will reopen, together with three sightseeing boat piers, and payment will be via Alipay or WeChat instead of cash.

Group tours are not allowed during the coronavirus period.

An identity number only allows reservations for up to five people and visitors are required to specify visiting times.

Admission is from 8:30am to 3:30pm.

Visitors should present their reservation code and health QR code and have their temperature checked before entry. They should wear face masks.

More tourist attractions ready to reopen

The Zhujiajiao watertown scenic area will reopen on Friday. 

The Jinze ancient town scenic area in Qingpu will also receive visitors on Friday between 8:30am and 4pm.

Its Jinxi Road entrance will be open, while the Pei'ai Road entrance will be for vehicles. Other entrances remain closed.

Visitor numbers will be kept under half of the scenic area's capacity.

Density will be monitored with adjustments made at any time, the administration said.

Visitors must bring their ID card, present their health QR code, and register personal information before entry.

They will also have their temperature checked with those above 37.3 degrees Celsius not allowed in. People with a cough will also be denied entry. 

There will be no activities inside the scenic area that involve large gatherings, and there will be no group tours.

More tourist attractions ready to reopen
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

A couple walk down an otherwise deserted Tianzifang alleyway on Thursday. 

Tianzifang, home to galleries, boutique shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, reopened on Wednesday with the number of visitors kept below 2,500 at any one time.

Only the No. 2 gate is open for visitors, with the No. 1 gate for residents only. 

Because most shops in the alleyways are small, they are restricted to no more than six visitors at any one time. 

Freshly made food and beverages are not allowed to be sold at these shops during the epidemic.

Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park, Liantang ancient town, Daning Park, Binhai Forest Park and Nanxiang scenic area have also reopened, the administration said.

More tourist attractions ready to reopen
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Three tourists take a stroll through the Tianzifang alleyways on Thursday. 

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