Green light for safe exercising outdoors

Hu Min
Health authorities in the city say Shanghai residents can now play sports and keep fit outdoors but they must observe some simple precautions to keep them healthy. 
Hu Min

City residents can now exercise outdoors without having to wear a face mask if there are not too many people around, Shanghai's health authorities said on Monday. 

They said that in empty places or areas with few people, residents can play sports that don’t involve close contact, such as badminton, walking, cycling or doing exercises. But they should avoid group sports with body contact such as basketball and soccer, the Shanghai Health Promotion Center said. And they should keep at a distance when others approach. 

People should not visit crowded areas, or organize or participate in line dancing, group singing or playing cards if crowds gather, the center said.

They should also keep distance when chatting with others, queuing or waiting for public transport. 

In busy areas — on public transport or visiting medical institutions, they should not take off their masks.

Good ventilation in the office and at home should be ensured with ventilation twice a day for no less than 30 minutes each time, it said. People should keep windows open when taking a bus or taxi. 

Booking in advance is advised if they want to visit scenic areas or are going out to eat, and people should learn about the different ticketing policies in operation. 

They should prepare their health QR code in advance for checking and visit venues with good ventilation, the center said. 

E-payment is recommended to avoid the use of cash, it added. 

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