Spring warmth set to disappear next week

Ke Jiayun
A cold front is expected to sweep the city over the weekend to bring a temporary end to the warm weather that Shanghai residents have currently been enjoying. 
Ke Jiayun

Shanghai, which is now immersed in spring warmth, is expected to experience some chill this weekend when a cold front sweeps the city, forecasters said.

Temperatures are likely to drop by 11 degrees Celsius on Friday and the current highs of above 20 degrees will not to be seen next week.

Tuesday might be the last day for a while with dry and sunny skies. There will be showers from Wednesday, with wet conditions set to last through early April.

Wednesday will have a cloudy start but the skies will soon become drizzly, increasing to showers at dusk. Temperatures will range from 14 to 21 degrees.

Thursday will see showers or thundershowers at times with the high rising to 25 degrees and a low of 17.

Temperatures will drop to 14 degrees on Friday and stay between 11 and 16 degrees from Saturday to Thursday next week. The lows will be between 8 and 11 degrees.

Showers are expected to last through Tuesday next week but taper off to brief drizzle on Wednesday before cloudy skies return on Thursday.

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