Illegal wildlife cases uncovered in Chongming

Hu Min
One suspect is being investigated after police found spotted doves in his refrigerator, while two others are implicated in trading protected falcons.
Hu Min

Two cases of illegal wildlife hunting and trade have been uncovered in Chongming District, the city's greenery authorities said on Thursday.

A man surnamed Zhu in Chongming's Xinhe Town is being investigated after six dead wild birds were found in his refrigerator. They were identified as spotted doves, which have an important ecological value, according to the district's forestry station.

The discovery was based on a tip-off and police say that Zhu had been illegally hunting in a forest near Tianxin Village.

Zhu confessed that he planned to eat the birds, according to police.

In another case, a suspect surnamed Li will stand trial for selling two falcons to another suspect, surnamed Lu, for a total of 6,300 yuan (US$886).

Falcons are a second-class national protected animal in China.

Lu kept the animals in his office before the duo were nabbed by law enforcement.

The falcons have been released into nature. 

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