Injured sailor gains entry for treatment

Ke Jiayun
Yangshan Immigration Inspection Station helps a Filipino sailor who broke his arm be treated at a local hospital after ruling out the risk of coronavirus disease infection.
Ke Jiayun

Yangshan Immigration Inspection Station helped an injured Filipino sailor receive treatment at a local hospital on Thursday after ruling out the risk of coronavirus disease.

He is being treated at a branch of the Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital in the Pudong New Area.

Because of the pandemic, the immigration inspection authority has toughened the conditions for sailors' temporary entry permits. The permit in this case is the only one issued by the station so far this month.

At dawn on Thursday, the station received an emergency application from a China Shipping Group vessel after one of its sailors had broken his arm. Since the vessel’s next stop is Canada, a voyage of more than 10 days, there was a chance of deformity if the sailor couldn't get treatment in time. 

The station’s investigation showed that the vessel hadn't been to any epidemic-stricken region in the past 14 days and none of its sailors had symptoms.

They did an onboard check of the vessel and issued the temporary entry permit.

The sailor was taken to hospital by ambulance and treated after further checks to ensure he was not infected. 

The station said it had issued 124 temporary entry permits in January and 11 in February.

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