Timely treatment for injured crew members

Wu Ruofan
Shanghai Maritime officials streamline procedures so injured sailors can have their injuries or ailments treated in time amid the coronavirus outbreak. 
Wu Ruofan
Timely treatment for injured crew members
Ti Gong

A Greek crew member from a cargo ship berthed at Changxing Shipyard who developed respiratory problems receives treatment which ruled out coronavirus. 

Since the coronavirus outbreak, 13 sick or injured crew members on vessels in the Yangtze River estuary have received timely treatment with the assistance of Shanghai Maritime officials.

The city's Maritime Search and Rescue Center said the 14, from countries including Greece, the Philippines, Burma, India and Indonesia, needed to go ashore for treatment to various ailments from broken bones to kidney stone problems.

On March 31, a Burmese crew member on the Hong Kong bulk carrier “Ocean Bao" collapsed into a coma while the ship was anchoring in the estuary.

On April 13, a Greek crew member from a cargo ship berthed at Changxing Shipyard developed respiratory problems. 

Both were sent to shore for treatment thanks to the coordination of different maritime departments.

Due to the prevention measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more difficult for sick crew members to receive prompt treatment.

The rescue center has streamlined procedures including distant diagnosis, cooperative rescue and report systems.

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