Reservations required at local attractions during holiday

Hu Min
Those who fail to book in advance will not be allowed into Shanghai's A-level tourist attractions during the May Day holiday. Visitors should study specific polices in advance.
Hu Min

All A-level tourist attractions in Shanghai will implement mandatory reservation-for-admission policies during the upcoming May Day holiday, the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Administration said on Tuesday.

Those who fail to make reservations will not be allowed entry, the administration said.

The holiday period will last five days, from Friday to Tuesday.

People should familiarize themselves with visitor quotas, ticket reservation and registration measures at the attractions they plan to visit in advance, the administration said.

They should prepare necessary certificates and their health QR codes for admission.

Visitors are required to wear masks, have their temperatures measured and present their QR code for visits, and they are advised to avoid peak travel times, the administration said.

They should also keep their distance while dining and use one set of chopsticks and spoons to take food from communal dishes and another set to eat with, the administration said. 

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