Metro passengers to check crowded trains

Ke Jiayun
Operator of Shanghai Metro is launching a new service to allow passengers to see if the train they are waiting for is crowded so they can avoid risks of cross-infection. 
Ke Jiayun

A new service on the Shanghai Metro app will, from Friday, let passengers check how crowded the carriages are on the train they want to take so they can choose one less crowded to prevent coronavirus cross-infection.

Using technologies such as Big Data and Cloud services, the system will analyze information about passengers at Metro stations and turn it into results of load and crowdedness. The real-time positions and temperatures of the trains will also be collected.

The system can allow residents to avoid peak periods as well as help the Metro operator reduce the risk of too many people gathering.

The Metro operator said it plans to expand the service to more platforms such as its official website, Sina Weibo and WeChat based on the service's trial run.

Information about most of city's Metro lines will be available on the app, except Lines 3 and 4, the Pujiang Line, the Maglev and part of Metro Line 13.

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